The Marks Of Heritage: A Look At Popular Team Logos Of The Past

Throwback uniforms and retro logos, who doesn’t love them? While these games are typically billed as “one game only” affairs, the conversations around them can persists for days on end. Fans who love the history of sport are often clamoring for more Pat Patriot in New England and Bucco Bruce in Tampa Bay.

Sports teams’ colors and logos of yesteryear have become iconic to their respective fan bases. Heritage is forever and sparks fond memories of your favorite team and sport. It’s been the product of memorabilia and gifts for all avid sports fans. You’ll see old, retro team logos in man caves, as home décor, and hanging on the office wall.

Some of the most popular old school, retro logos include:

Pat Patriot (Patriots): The New England Patriots' official logo until 1993, Pat Patriot was the depiction of a soldier during the American Revolution, wearing a tricorn hat and in a Continental Army uniform. In recent years, the Patriots brought back the Pat Patriot logo for the occasional throwback uniform, featuring the logo on its familiar white helmet.

Bucco Bruce (Buccaneers): The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drew attention for its creamsicle color scheme and Bucco Bruce pirate logo when it entered the league in 1979. A struggling team for much of its first two decades, Bucco Bruce wasn’t exactly a coveted helmet by top players. Bucco Bruce got shelved for a new logo and color scheme in 1997. The old logo eventually endeared itself to Tampa Bay fans, though.

Flying Skate (Canucks): The Vancouver Canucks featured a logo known as the Flying Skate from 1978 to 1997. The logo was sent to a red, yellow and black scheme. Up until 1985, though, the logo was only featured on the sleeves of Canucks jersey, with the team opting for a basic Flying V pattern on the front of the jersey. With its 50th year set for the 2019-2020 season, the team announced the Flying Skate logo is making a comeback for select games.

Rainbow Skyline (Nuggets): The Denver Nuggets had one of the most vibrant logos in sports from 1982 to 1993, with its Rainbow Skyline gracing the front of its jerseys. The era in which the team wore these colors is one of the most successful in team history, with the league going to the NBA playoffs nine times in 11 seasons. When the NBA revamped its uniform editions beginning with the 2018-2019 season, the Nuggets brought back Rainbow Skyline for its City Edition jerseys.

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